Taking a Mid-Year Break

By Ashley Boarman, Account Supervisor

Activities like spending time with family, work travel, multiple deadlines, Netflix and our extracurriculars (such as working out and spending quality time with friends) don’t leave us much time to just… STOP.

Nonetheless, taking time to slow down is critical to one’s emotional, mental and physical health.

For these reasons, I decided to embark on a three-day restorative yoga retreat at 1440 Multiversity over July 4th weekend. (*By the way, 1,440 is the number of minutes in a day.)

Tucked away in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, 1440 Multiversity is a place to experience time differently. The 75-acre campus lets you explore what matters to you, while you’re surrounded by fresh air, delicious food, a range of wellness classes and unlimited opportunities to unwind and connect with yourself and others.

During my “Renew, Relax, Restore” session, I did just that. I put my phone into airplane mode for 72-hours, which, as a PR professional, came with equal parts joy and anxiety. I spent three days leaning into all that my program track and the 1440 campus had to offer. In addition to lots of yoga, I tried my hand at Tai Chi, took a class on the benefits of essential oils, hiked and soaked in a heated infinity pool that overlooks an ancient redwood forest. It was the exact mid-year pause I needed and gave me a clear mindset to tackle the rest of 2019.

Did I actually learn anything beyond perfecting my downward dog pose? Yes, I believe I did. I learned that, in this busy world, doing nothing is an art and one that should be embraced.

Just as its important to invest in your job and produce good results at work, it’s also important to invest in yourself. For me, that meant getting away from it all to reset.

How do you like to relax? Tell us in the comments box below.

3 thoughts on “Taking a Mid-Year Break

  1. So glad your time at 1440 was as great as mine – taking time out is vital and I always find a little time alone in nature is massively restorative. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Give me my bike, some rolling hills, a good coffee / cake spot, and I’m chilled!

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