Meet the Media – Beverly Butler

Beverly Butler is a senior vice president at Wells Fargo Bank, with a focus on customer experience communications.

What’s your top priority at work for today?
Today was all about making sure Wells Fargo team members in the area that could be affected by Hurricane Dorian knew when and where to report to work…or not, depending on the storm’s path. Also making sure all of our people could answer customer questions about mobile ATMs, handling wet or contaminated currency and coins, issuing wires, and accessing other banking services if the power goes out or branch locations are unreachable.

Tell us about your dream job.
My dream job would be writing for a travel magazine or travel blog about out-of-the-way places people have never thought of visiting. It would be fun to uncover interesting facts, shops, museums, restaurants and history, and meld it into stories that make people really want to go there.

Describe one of the wackiest campaigns you’ve been behind.
Only a portion of it was wacky. When I was with the American Red Cross, I was the Public Information Officer on the East Bay Hills Fire. A production company approached us after the fires were out to ask if they could do a series of PSAs to benefit the Red Cross and disaster services. They got permission to go to the scene and shot amazing footage – crumpled and burned kids’ bikes, the wind blowing a swing on a burned swing set. They even were able to get Peter Coyote to record the voice-overs. We were doing a press event and wanted to have an interesting way to invite reporters to attend so I went to the roof of the Red Cross building after the invitations were printed and charred the edges of each one, to go with the theme of fire causing destruction. They came out very cool! My hands were stained with soot for a week.

What is your pet peeve?
Where do I start?!?  People who:

  • Over-complicate things
  • Use rising intonation so every sentence sounds like a question
  • Are overly aggressive drivers
  • Use buzzwords and jargon


What’s a top industry trend you’re currently following or are interested in?
Artificial intelligence is pretty interesting, especially in the financial services sector. Although I did read recently that news releases are being written by bots, so that is crazy and certainly something to watch!

Tell us a little about yourself.
After college, I started my career as a TV news writer, producer, and then reporter with the NBC affiliate in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Afterwards, I spent a handful of years in TV/film production and then in the footwear industry on the East Coast. I have been popping between for-profit and non-profit (Red Cross, The GAP, Inc., American Cancer Society, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, Wells Fargo) since arriving in California in 1988. I am a serial volunteer and serve on the Board of New Conservatory Theatre Center, the premier LGBTQ theatre in Northern California, and am on the Board of Trustees at my local library system in San Rafael. I gave birth to boy-girl twins, one novel, and many plays, several of which have been produced in San Francisco.

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