Introducing Harper Martins

LCI welcomes Harper Martins, who joins the team this summer as a PR intern. In this week’s LCInsights blog, Harper shares what she’s most looking forward to learning during her internship.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! My name is Harper and I’m a recent graduate from San Francisco State University. I’m newly equipped with a degree in business with a concentration in marketing. I hail from Southern California, more specifically a beautiful wine town called Temecula. I’m on my 22nd trip around the sun and I’m also a tried-and-true Sagittarius. I’m passionate about San Francisco and all things food. Eating out with friends is by far my favorite pastime.

What were some of your favorite classes?
My digital marketing and senior seminar classes resonated with me the most. The digital marketing courses incorporated guest speakers from well-known tech companies like LinkedIn and Google. I took the most away from my senior seminar classes. These lectures were highly engaging since they were discussion-based and gave every student an opportunity to share their real-world experiences.

You didn’t study PR at San Francisco State University, so where does your interest in PR come from?
Public relations wasn’t a major offered at SF State; however, many of the elective courses for marketing focused on PR. After I enrolled in a “Reputation Management” course, I developed an interest in media communications and brand management. I was hooked!

What does PR mean to you?
Public relations, to me, would be defined as working to represent companies and individuals in their best, most honest light.

What do you hope to get out of this internship?
First and foremost, I’m hoping for a professional and positive learning experience. Because I’m still getting my feet wet in public relations, I am eager to see if this career path is one I’m interested in pursuing long-term.

What’s your “must visit” spot in San Francisco?
I love the Presidio, especially on Sundays for the weekly “Presidio Picnic” event. Nothing feels more like San Francisco than food trucks with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What’s your go-to food comfort food?
I’m in a huge Thai food phase right now. There is a small Thai restaurant down the street from my house that has the best Panang curry with shrimp.

Finish this sentence. When I’m not working, you can find me…
Most likely on Yelp. I’m a huge foodie, so finding new restaurants is always a treat.

Quick questions

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Instagram or Snapchat? Snapchat

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Early riser or night owl? Both!

Reading or writing? Writing

NorCal or SoCal? SoCal

Call or text? Text

Music or podcasts? Music

Android or iOS? iOS

Hamburger or Taco? In-N-Out, otherwise tacos

Passenger or Driver? Passenger, I am a terrible driver

Netflix or book? Netflix

City or country? City

Europe or Asia? Haven’t been to Asia yet, so maybe Europe!

Do you have a question for Harper? Ask her in the comments box below.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Harper Martins

  1. Welcome Harper – we’re so happy to have you at LCI! I’m a big Presidio Picnic fan myself – see you Sundays…

  2. Welcome to LCI, Harper. We’re so glad to have you. I applaud your instinct to dig deep into PR to test whether it’s your thing – you never know til you try. And ruling things out as important as choosing them. Personally, I think you’re gonna love it!

  3. Harper, your definition of PR is spot-on. We’re delighted to have you here at LCI and hope you’ll learn alot. Seeing as how in my “other” life, I’m the “Gay Gourmet SF” for the SF Bay Times, we’ll have to have many foodie discussions. Cheers, David

  4. Welcome to our LCI family, Harper! We look forward to teaching you everything we know as quickly as possible :).

    – David C.

  5. What a cool feature! (It popped up on my Facebook page). I do not work at Landis, but I am a longtime journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle and founding editor at CNET News with lots of longtime p.r. contacts in S.F. and Silicon Valley. Now our family lives in the Sierra Foothills and publishes a regional magazine and website called Sierra FoodWineArt. It focuses on food, wine, art and destination travel. Landis has always done a good job, and this is a great way to welcome interns/employees. Our son is headed to college in 2020 (in his case as a STEM student), so it is heartening to see such an embrace of the millennial/younger workforce. Cheers, Good going!
    -Jeff Pelline

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