Introducing Betsy Levy

What work experience do you consider to be the most useful as it relates to supporting the needs of LCI’s clients?
I have worked for large and boutique agencies, in-house (at Genentech) and as a consultant, which allows me to bring a well-rounded perspective to LCI. Over the last decade, my focus has been on strategic planning, messaging/positioning, materials development and media relations for a variety of nonprofits and causes – with an emphasis on supporting mind-body/mindfulness and disadvantaged youth-related initiatives.  

What part of the PR/communications pie do you enjoy the most?
Aside from being a natural storyteller and results-oriented when it comes to securing media placements, I enjoy engaging with clients and fully immersing myself in their business. I like understanding the ‘big picture,’ playing up an organization’s corporate social responsibility programs and their unique success stories.

What are you most passionate about as it relates to communications?
At the end of the day, it’s all about storytelling. I hope I help clients tell their stories in unique and inspiring ways; highlighting ways in which they’re making a positive difference in the world.

What’s your most visited spot in San Francisco?
Whenever I have visitors in town, I like to capitalize on the many spectacular views throughout the city. My favorite spots include Baker Beach and Lands End Trail.

What’s your favorite food?
That’s a hard one, but guess I’d have to say sushi. Admittedly, I was afraid when I relocated to the Bay Area from New York (now over 20 years ago) that the quality of sushi wouldn’t stack up to what I had grown accustomed to at my favorite Japanese restaurants in NYC. I was proven wrong!

Tell us something about your career to date that’s particularly special or unusual?
For over a decade, my husband and I owned an awe-inspiring retreat center, Mayacamas Ranch (just above the town of Calistoga). Naturally, I took on the role of communicator, event planner and host. Our goal was to create an environment — in a beautiful, natural setting — that supported the “do-gooders”; those bringing healing and well-being into the world. And we accomplished just that! A big percentage of the Bay Area yoga community adopted us as their go-to place for leaders to bring their students for retreats. Many nonprofits stayed at our property, often returning annually (or sometimes more frequently) to renew and connect. We even had several Native American-led ceremonies on our land given its history and sacred qualities. We lost our business in the Tubbs fire, but my special memories will last a lifetime.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Betsy Levy

  1. Betsy – a warm welcome to LCI, so glad to have you on the team. Your experience intersects beautifully with the needs of our clients, especially in the healthcare arena. Your retreat center sounded amazing – so sorry for your loss. But we’re glad you’re here because of life’s unexpected challenges. Cheers, David (Landis)

  2. Besty, I never thought I could be convinced to like sushi, but SF has got me there. Although I still need some convincing about sushimi.


  3. Betsy, I appreciate the Zen energy that you bring to LCI – along with your impressive professional history and accomplishments. We all need to remember to breathe! Welcome to the team!

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