5 Great Results to Expect After Media Training

By Andie Davis

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

There are many great benefits that come from media training, and not just for media interviews. If you get media interview requests, you will want experienced media trainers to guide you through the ins and outs (and the dos and don’ts) of being a great interviewee.

Here are five ways media training can help:


  1. Erase any fears about interviewing or presenting

While media training prepares you for media interviews, the content you learn in media training applies to other speaking formats as well. For example, whether you are presenting in front of large groups or participating in a sales pitch, you will need to know how to effectively communicate what you want to get across to your audience(s) succinctly and how to answer tough questions. Media training can be a wonderful way to practice in a low stakes environment. As the adage goes, “practice makes perfect!”

  1. Refine your messaging

Messaging is incredibly important, as it informs not only all brand content but also how your organization is talking about itself, what it does and why. Media training can highlight areas of interest that could use more focus or reveal holes in key messaging. This provides an opportunity to refine and strengthen communications. Remember: messaging is an ongoing project that will evolve over time!

  1. Get more ink

Reporters are constantly looking for credible sources that they can interview. The more comfortable you are in an interview, the more likely the reporter will come back to you as a resource for other relevant stories.

  1. Feel prepared to say “yes”

When opportunity strikes – you’re ready to say yes to interviews. Media training increases confidence in any interview situation.

  1. Improve internal communications

While media training primarily focuses on external communications, it can also help organizations improve internal communications. How?  Decision-makers can apply what they have learned in media training to communicate via internal channels more effectively.

If you need help preparing for tough questions from the media – or assistance in delivering a keynote speech with finesse – we can help. For more information about our media/presentation training services, visit our page here or contact Brianne Miller at [email protected].