5 Benefits of Media Relations

By the Landis Team

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Practical implementation of a media relations program is an art, not a science. After all, earned media isn’t transactional. The team at Landis is well-versed in understanding the benefits of a well-placed piece of content, but sometimes clients need a little more of an explanation on how this one tactic can move the needle on overall strategic communications. Here are the top 5 benefits of a great media relations program:

  1. Credibility

Third party endorsement is much more valuable than an organization’s own boasts. For example, if a trusted blogger writes that this product is really great – do you believe that writer or the marketing-speak on a company’s website? An endorsement by a media outlet you trust adds credibility to policy issues also.

  1. Targeting audiences

PR pros have access to audience statistics on almost any media outlet – digital/print/broadcast/social media/influencers. Targeting those audiences that influence your target customer can cut through the digital clutter. Example: pitch a story on a newly opened hiking trail to an outdoors editor at a local newspaper who also has a following on social media. His/her audience is your target.

  1. Showcasing your brand

What you say and how you say it can support your brand personality. Is your brand quirky, fun and irreverent? Then go ahead and get into a funny social media exchange with your competitors (see an example here). Is your brand serious and scholarly? Go for a bylined article in a trade publication or research journal. Where you are communicates who you are.

  1. Building relationships

If reporters know they can come to you for trusted information…they’ll come to you time and time again. So build those relationships through a respectful give and take with your media relations program.

  1. Supporting SEO

Media mentions become part of your search results. Having more search results increases your SEO (search engine optimization). Make sure to include SEO keywords in quotes, press releases and explainer videos to support those efforts and increase visibility online.

5 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Media Relations

  1. Great blog, Shelby! I couldn’t agree more that part of our job is to educate our clients about how media relations works. And I love the point you make about being a reliable resource for reporters. Sometimes, a story gets turned down, but in the process we make ourselves a valuable resource to the reporter, which will help clients in the future.

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog with us Shelby. Media relations are so important in our line of work and you’ve summarized the key reasons really well. I’ll have to keep this handy in case this comes up with any of my clients!

  3. Shelby – all great points about the many facets of media relations. I especially think the use of storytelling is key for companies and brands. It’s a great way to form a lasting connection.

  4. Shelby – I’ve always agreed that third party endorsements – especially from editorially-overseen news reports – is one of the best ways to lend credibility to a business, a person, a product or a service. #OneOfTheReasonsIAmInPR Thanks for a great post. Cheers, David

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