Meet the Media: Steve Kettmann

photo of a book with a reporter on front
Steve Kettmann’s book, “Remember Who You Are: What Pedro Gomez Showed Us About Baseball and Life”

By Brianne Miller, LCI

The image of the sportswriter’s world is pretty limited to those of us on the outside  endless hotdogs at the ballpark, squabbles in the locker rooms and tough-talking reporters jostling for the biggest story. Steve Kettmann paints a different story in a book of essays dedicated to the memories of ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, a beloved sports reporter who passed away suddenly in February 2021. Steve convinced hardened sports media personalities and sports stars to open up about how one man affected their outlook on life, not just the business they all participated in.

LCI’s own Robin Carr contributed an essay to “Remember Who You Are: What Pedro Gomez Showed Us About Baseball and Life.” She put us in touch with Steve to take a few minutes to talk about the process behind publishing this book. For more information visit or purchase on Amazon.

Learn more about Steve’s book, “Remember Who You Are: What Pedro Gomez Showed Us About Baseball and Life”:

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5 thoughts on “Meet the Media: Steve Kettmann

  1. Steve, thanks so much for a great vlog. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Pedro, but I’m inspired by his ethics and values. And kudos to LCI’s own Robin Carr, for your essay contribution to the book! Cheers, David

  2. What an interesting interview!

    Way to go Robin for writing a chapter in the book about Pedro Gomez! The book sounds like it is full memories about Pedro being an amazing positive force for helping people get along for a common good. I can’t wait to read the book. Thank you, Steve, for pulling the book together and publishing.

  3. Steve, thanks for participating in LCI’s blog. It sounds like Pedro positively touched the lives of many, including LCI’s own Robin Carr. I can’t wait to pick up a copy of the book and learn more about the life of Pedro Gomez.

  4. Steve. I’m touched by your drive to honor the life of a colleague who left much to soon. And I wish more journalists seemed motivated by the “code” you describe – it would apply well to fields well beyond sports! Thank you for your work and for sharing this compelling story with us.

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