The Power of Emotional Marketing in Healthcare Communications

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

By Brianne Murphy Miller

The best marketing programs go beyond educating the public on who you are and what you do; they resonate with the public, bringing out an emotional response that lasts. The healthcare industry is inherently emotional, as powerful situations and life-changing moments happen every day. Combining the rational side of healthcare with emotional marketing allows you to create compelling campaigns that forge lasting connections, and utilizing social media to deliver those stories to the public is a wonderful and effective way to build your brand.

Leverage user-generated content

Nothing evokes an emotional response like a great personal endorsement. The same rules apply in healthcare as in other industries – if someone posts and tags you, ask for permission to re-post. Share heartwarming stories of people that have been helped or touched by the care they received. Say something about how that original post made you feel – gratitude and joy are the emotional component.


Breaking news in popular media is often an opportunity for healthcare professionals. For example, when actor Bruce Willis announced his aphasia diagnosis, the Landis team offered doctors from our brain health client, Centre for Neuro Skills, as experts to explain what aphasia is, treatments and new research. The result? Great media coverage and brand awareness.