Healthcare PR: Not for the Faint at Heart 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

By Brianne Murphy Miller, Senior Counselor 

LANDIS has worked with healthcare and health-adjacent clients – such as Centre for Neuro Skills, Amgen, Altais, UCSF, Sutter Health, Global Alzheimer’s Platform, Merck, the Brain Health Registry, Johnson and Johnson and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford – for decades. We’ve lived through Dr. Google, a pandemic and health insurance meltdowns. “Health” is a broad term that seems to include everything from spurious online remedies to cutting edge life-saving treatments. 

When it comes to healthcare public relations and communications – data, trust and sensitivity are valued above all else. It’s vital to know and understand specific protocols such as HIPAA rules, FDA approvals and forward-looking statements. Public relations can help healthcare organizations of all sizes become that trusted information source to the general public, patients and the media. Organizations must own their story across multiple platforms with consistency and hard facts. Coordinating content, fact-checking and newsjacking happens at the speed-of-light and in real time. We’re thankful to be part of our clients’ teams, providing strategic insight on the value of client time relative to media or community relations opportunities. Now, more than ever, we want to make sure that the interview taking up time is time well spent. It’s especially important to have a healthcare PR partner who also can hit the ground running when a crisis hits. 

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