What Makes a Good Client?

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This blog originally appeared on HMA Public Relations‘ website. HMA Public Relations is our Public Relations Global Network partner in Arizona.

Blog courtesy of Abbie Fink from HMA Public Relations

Finding and securing new business is an ongoing process for any professional services firm — it can happen anywhere at any time, including a baseball game. However, the best source for new business is a referral. When a colleague introduces us to a prospect, it comes with an endorsement like no other.

So, what makes a good client?

A business or organization willing to commit finances, time and resources will make a great client. What we do needs to be thought of as an investment and not just an expense.

Here are a few other things that help us determine if you will be a good client:

Access to decision-makers.

Access to key decision-makers in the organization is essential for us to do our job and do it well. We expect to work with others within the organization, but we need leadership participation for this to work.

Established business goals.

You will want to have business goals before engaging with a public relations agency. We measure success based on our strategic communications plan and how it helps you achieve your business goals.

Prepared for success.

Do you have the infrastructure, product pipeline and other resources in place to fulfill the expectations of a strategic communications plan?

If your business checks the box for all three items on this list and you are looking for a public relations agency, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We will ask you some other questions to determine if your business is ready to engage with an agency like ours. If both parties feel it is a good fit, we will move the process along.

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2 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Client?

  1. Abbie, great blog. I agree that the two most important aspects of being a good client are: committing to a budget and recognizing that that expenditure is a worthwhile investment in the growth of your business. Thank you. – David

  2. Access and decision making is so vital. We can have the best ideas but without the raw material and authorization to make it a go…it’s just ideas. Thanks, Abbie!

  3. Established business goals are a MUST before reaching out to a PR agency. As PR professionals, we want to help clients succeed. However, without business goals, it’s impossible to lay down the roadmap to success! We need to know what your business is trying to achieve before we can help you with a communications plan. Thanks for the blog, Abbie!

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