Top 10 Reasons to Work for LCI

The LCI team
The LCI team enjoys lunch at Original Joe’s in North Beach, San Francisco.

Landis Communications Inc. (LCI) is hiring!

LCI is an award-winning boutique PR firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with a broad range of clients, including technology, healthcare, nonprofits, environment, hospitality and more. For a full list of our current and former clients, see here.

If you are a dedicated self-starter looking for a communications or public relations job, look no further. LCI is hiring for two positions: Senior Account Executive and Account Supervisor. Your future team members think this is a great opportunity to share why we love LCI and think you will too.

Here’s our list of the top ten reasons you want to work for LCI!

Sean Dowdall, President and CEO

1. Career-building. LCI is a strategic, disciplined and effective communications agency. Whether you are starting out your career in PR or trying to move your career to the next level (or several levels), LCI is a great place to hone your skills, get exposure to a wide variety of communications activities and be part of a smart and creative team.

2. Direct client contact. Every member of the LCI team interacts directly with their clients. Working with clients is an essential and rewarding experience for communications professionals. All LCI team members have, and feel that they have, strong working relationships with our clients.

Brianne Miller, Business Development Manager

3. The team. We work hard, play hard and have each other’s backs. I work remotely but never feel alone.

4. The clients. I’m in charge of new business, and although we consider each client prospect seriously, we also take into consideration how they would fit into our culture – not just our areas of expertise. A client list comprising people/companies we like to work with and are proud to work for is the result.

Polly Winograd Ikonen, Senior Counselor

5. The clients, no contest. What I love most about LCI is the wonderfully diverse and compelling group of clients we have. We are picky about whom we choose to represent. On a personal note, I have found tremendous professional gratification in evolving my 20+ years in the arts and culture sector into working with environmental conservation organizations over the past four years. They’re all doing critical mission-driven work, and every day I feel honored, blessed and inspired to help elevate their messages in the world.

6. The values. LCI values quality (i.e., work you can be proud of) and professionalism when it comes to meeting client needs and goals. But it also values quality of life and ethics for its staff. We have a voice in which accounts we cover. We are not just able but encouraged to maintain balance with our professional and personal commitments – it’s an LCI goal. We care about and for one another. We value each other’s input, and no one is left holding the bag on their own.

Robin Carr, Senior Counselor

7. LCI promotes work-life balance. In this age of the “great resignation,” this is no small thing. The time off policy is generous, and everyone schedules their PTO in advance and is respectful of colleagues’ vacation time. This also applies to day-to-day policies. We rarely stay past 5:30/6:00, which is wonderful in the PR agency world. That’s not to say there aren’t times when work must get done on late nights or weekends, but that’s the exception rather than the rule at LCI.

8. Great variety of clients. We work with clients who are doing things that one can believe in, from healthcare to environmental non-profits to hospitality and technology.

Andie Davis, Assistant Account Executive

9. Working remotely. Working for LCI means you get to work from home! No commute and you get to work alongside your furry friends if you have them. My husky, Indie, loves that I get to be home with her (and you may occasionally see her on Zoom calls!)

10. Making time for each other. Just because we work remotely doesn’t mean we don’t hang out as a team. We regularly schedule team lunches to catch up (as it is safe to do so). I can genuinely say that my teammates are all there for each other both in and outside of work. LCI puts its people first – always.

Think you’d be a great fit for LCI? We’d love to hear from you! Visit our job openings page to learn more about our available positions. If you’d like to apply for one of our open positions, please send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to: [email protected].


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