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SleepQuest is dedicated to getting sleep apnea sufferers affordable and easy access to care – often right in the comfort of their own homes. The start-up was excited to share their story with the viewers of Kathy Ireland’s Modern Living show and explain how their solution was revolutionizing an industry. The challenge was to pare their messaging down to be palatable to a cable TV audience in a short (ten minute) segment while being compelling enough on camera to drive consumers to seek additional information about SleepQuest services.


Standard media training wasn’t going to be enough for SleepQuest. The participants had a script to memorize and needed to learn techniques on engaging an audience represented by a camera lens while still getting their key messages across. They also had to look relaxed doing it! LCI took standard media training and presentation skills training and turned it on its ear.


The two SleepQuest on-camera representatives role played their parts on the infomercial while concurrently refining their message points. The camera rolled in LCI’s offices and allowed for instant review, feedback and improvement. The combination of technique training and generating quick message points made the spokespersons more and more comfortable with what they were saying as the training went on. By the time the session was over, they had ownership of their script and were comfortable communicating it.


Kathy Ireland’s Modern Living was a big hit for SleepQuest – both on a personal level for the participants and with viewers. The segment aired nationwide, increased consumer interest in SleepQuest, and paved the way for additional broadcast opportunities.

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