Case Study



remithome was launching as a new remittance financial services company, offering U.S. residents the opportunity to send money to families in the Philippines online. But as a start up, the company had no messaging, customers were slim and accurate information and demonstrable results were a challenge.


LCI worked with remithome to identify business stories that capitalized on the executive team’s business expertise and to find and vet success stories of families in the U.S. and the Philippines who could speak firsthand to the validity of the program. We also targeted key markets, like Fresno, which were identified as communities with a large Philippine American population.


A comprehensive competitive analysis yielded messages which identified remithome’s niche, identifying legitimate success stories (as well as media training top executives) helped LCI place articles in the East Bay Business Times, Fresno Bee, numerous Philippine American publications and more. remithome saw its customer base grow exponentially.

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