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Raycop is a well-known brand in Japan that manufactures allergen vacuums. Invented by an MD and immunologist, Raycop products use UVC light and high-powered suction (called RayClean Technology) to eradicate dust mites, dander, pollen and other irritants in the home. Raycop turned to LCI to help introduce its line of wellness products to the United States. Just a few months later, COVID-19 hit the United States – and Raycop’s UVC light products became more newsworthy than ever.

Strategy and Tactics

Once the pandemic took hold, LCI pivoted to use existing research proving UVC light’s effect on viruses while sponsoring research that specifically targeted COVID-19. At the same time, LCI utilized proactive media outreach with COVID as a pitch point. We earned third party endorsements and placements from national media, mommy bloggers (a big target for Raycop) and broadcast. Target audiences expanded from those who wanted to use Raycop products as an allergy-reducing aid, to anyone concerned about bacteria and viruses. LCI continued to launch new products with a focus on the travel category for the Raycop GO – a light and portable UVC vacuum for those who want to sanitize and remain safe from COVID no matter where they go. LCI also provided digital marketing counsel to Raycop for Google Analytics and digital marketing buys. LCI made sure that Raycop’s advanced safety features were front and center in all communications vehicles.


LCI earned coverage for Raycop in top national media such as Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Popular Science, Travel Weekly, Daily Mom and others. Target outreach to Mommy bloggers yielded ongoing relationships with Instagram influencers Sassy Townhouse Living, Emily Reviews and the Family Choice Awards. YouTube unboxing videos and broadcast reviews in important national markets rounded out coverage. Even more importantly, Raycop’s sales grew significantly and online interest spiked with consistent media coverage. The launch of the portable Raycop GO was highly successful, yielding 645 media mentions with an audience reach of 259,609,242 million and advertising equivalency of $2,401,386

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