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Companies embracing the Web struggled with the management of infrastructure. Over 79% of the organizations that invested in building sophisticated Web infrastructures to support their businesses did not know how much capacity they actually had or over provisioned capacity of at least 50%. IT professionals were scrambling to deliver an ROI as well as deliver predictable performance. We had to establish credibility and educate the market.


By taking the CEO on the road to meet with key influencers and press, we were able to demonstrate that their World-class Lab -consisting of experts in predictive and adaptive technologies – and their impressive partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and Mercury Interactive were delivering value. We underscored the vision that the company holds for delivery of capacity where it is needed, when it is needed to satisfy both the end user and a corporation’s business objectives.


We completed an in-person tour with a dramatic number of analyst meetings to generate exposure with key firms including Forrester, Gartner, and EMA. We met with 35 analysts and secured 22 references for the Peakstone solutions– far exceeding our goal. We also exceeded expectations in securing profiles and mentions in press and analyst reports. Peakstone and the company’s CEO were recognized by analysts, industry press and the business press for their vision and technological execution. The CEO was quoted twice in two different articles in BusinessWeek regarding capacity usage and the business issues of managing over provisioned resources. The program created a strong buzz about the founder and the Lab, as well as delivered qualified customer leads, which was done with cost effective web based survey technology.

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