Case Study

Oska Wellness


Advanced technological developments in the sector of pain management stimulated the expansion of the market for pain management devices. These devices consist of various instruments such as analgesic pumps, electrical stimulators, neurostimulation devices and radiofrequency ablation. Oska Wellness introduced its wearable pain relief device – the Oska Pulse – into a very crowded marketplace.

Strategy and Tactics

Targeting the consumer marketplace of those aged 40+, Oska took the “pain” out of purchase by providing a 90-day money back guarantee which was unique to the industry. Our team utilized media outreach supported by an extensive events strategy that focused on CES, Arthritis Foundation and Pain Relief Foundation. The team entered both the products and the company in multiple awards programs to earn third party endorsement and seals for marketing and PR purposes. Outreach also centered on specific sports outlets for Golf – a sport that is well known for exacerbating back issues. The Oska Pulse wearable was particularly designed for back pain sufferers.


Oska won multiple awards:

  • “Best Healthcare Wearable Device” from MedTech
  • “Innovation in Small Business” Award
  • “Best in Show” by Golf Digest
  • “Startup of the Year” at Innovate

Media coverage included NBC TV, Tech Republic, Golf Digest, Urban Milan, Vator, MobiHealth, CTA, Traveling Golfer and many more. Grassroots and cause-specific (back pain, sports therapy) blogs yielded hundreds of placements for the Oska Pulse.

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