Case Study

Old Navy CSR


Old Navy came to LCI for a program supporting sales of their iconic flag t-shirts celebrating 4th of July.  LCI created a CSR campaign with a patriotic theme, positioning Old Navy as both a friendly neighborhood store and patriotic part of the communities in which they do business.


LCI initiated a nationwide sponsorship of July 4th parades across the country, with a kickoff on Flag Day in June. This CSR campaign additionally supported libraries and summer reading programs for kids in key Old Navy markets.  Concurrently in numerous cities, LCI traveled with “Betsy Ross” (an actor) to read to kids in library systems in each market while donating money to kick off the summer reading programs.  Additionally, children who signed up for summer reading programs that day received an Old Navy Flag T-shirt.


Media loved this promotion – it was a great photo opportunity including local children, libraries, donations, patriotism and Betsy Ross!  Coverage was comprehensive, both regionally and nationally – and most importantly for Old Navy, their Flag T-shirts sold out for the first time that year and in subsequent years as LCI continued to roll out this initiative.  The target family markets benefitted from Old Navy’s financial support of the libraries and reading programs, while reinforcing Old Navy as a local retailer tied to the issues and concerns of its community.

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