Case Study

LS9 Biofuels


LS9 is a renewable petroleum company that applies synthetic biology to produce proprietary biofuels that are compatible with existing fuel distribution infrastructure, as well as high-value industrial chemicals. When LS9 entered the renewable biofuels space, it faced an uphill battle against competitors that not only owned the majority of media mindshare, but also had raised millions of dollars in funding that LS9 had not acquired. As LS9 prepared to move the company to the next phase of growth – commercial scalability and the next round of funding – LS9 contacted Landis Communications, Inc. (LCI) to develop and implement a communications strategy that would advance its current business by attracting new funders.


  • LCI focused on the science behind LS9’s proprietary 1-step technology platform.
  • Highlighted LS9’s diesel replacement – Ultra-Clean Diesel – which offers up to 80% reduction in its carbon footprint.
  • Leveraged national focus on renewable resources to present LS9 as both a solution provider and business builder.
  • Took advantage of trade show participation with outreach to area media covering the renewable resources industry and clean fuel issues.
  • Positioned LS9’s CEO and other designated LS9 spokespersons as the “go-to” experts on renewable resources, specifically renewable transportation fuels.


  • Media outreach resulted in 10 feature stories for LS9 in top-tier publications such as Dow Jones, New York Times,, and USA Today.  LCI also secured coverage of LS9’s technology in the BBC’s documentary “The Cell”, which aired internationally in fall of 2009.
  • Having alerted the media to key series funding through P&G and Chevron, LCI was able to secure over 85 million in gross impressions and over $2 million in ad equivalency.
  • Every consumer, business and trade feature further raised the LS9 brand profile.  National and international media began to take notice.  Within 6 months, media began to contact LS9 directly where, until recently, LS9 had relied on opportunistic PR.
  • LCI more than tripled LS9’s national exposure to investors, potential funders and the public as a whole.
  • Having raised LS9’s media profile, additional new and potential funders began to invest in LS9, including Khosla Ventures.
  • As a result, LCI’s campaign was influential in helping LS9 raise its next round of $25 million in funding.

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