Case Study

iVAST (MPEG-4 technology)


iVast, a broadband technology that served multimedia content on the MPEG4 platform, needed to influence the industry leaders in entertainment to embrace the format early and see the future of entertainment media being consumed on multiple consoles (TV, PC, Satellite, Cable, gaming consoles, mobile, etc.) The company was headed up by entertainment industry heavyweights and unveiled its software at the National Association of Broadcasters convention.


LCI’s plan was to use both the marquee value of management’s names along with the efficiency of trade media presence at NAB to launch the company. The next step was to begin conversations with broader trade media to help push the development of an MPEG4 industry association, which iVast would initiate.


The launch at NAB was a huge success, and LCI landed over 43 meetings with trade media and analysts at the 3 day conference. Follow up included an analyst tour and additional media outreach to entertainment, technology, and business media. Placements included Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, Multichannel News, Post, iTV, Hollywood Reporter, Cable News, Broadband Week, CNET, ZDNet, and more.

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