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iTradeNetwork’s 8,000 customers represent 70% of the nation’s perishable food product. Its SaaS platform provides visibility into the supply chain for growers, distributors and retail. iTradeNetwork came to Landis as one of the “most important companies you’ve never heard of.” At more than 20 years old, iTradeNetwork is the leader in its field, but startups in the space were gaining traction. It was time for iTradeNetwork to actively market its products, shine a light on their innovation and build brand awareness through targeted tech PR.


Landis got to work creating foundation materials, building media assets and training the iTradeNetwork team. Creating a cadence of trade media outreach, Landis pushed out a regular drumbeat of news including staffing announcements, sales agreements and new product launches.

The team also took a close look at existing sponsorships and paid opportunities to maximize impact.

Finally, a thought leadership campaign centered around the company CEO showcased iTradeNetwork as one of the few companies of its kind with a female leader.


Landis secured media coverage in all the key trade publications within the first few months of the engagement. From there, the build for strategic press relationships began, resulting in coverage that hit target initiatives. Press outreach with name-brand customers and clients (Walmart, Sobey’s, Topco and more) associated the iTradeNetwork brand with the giants in the industry. ROI measurement showed an increase of 181% of iTradeNetwork’s editorial reach.

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