Case Study

Investor PR


A leading technology company wasn’t leading in the media when they approached LCI. The company achieved success in its industry sector, but other objectives – brand awareness, recruitment, financial preparation – were lagging. LCI came on board to create and implement a strategy that set the company up for major changes in 2020, including a SPAC/IPO, changes in the C-suite, major partnerships and exponential growth.

Strategy and Tactics

LCI’s strategy was clear. Create a steady drumbeat of proactive outreach to analysts, media, trade show attendees, category influencers and potential employees. LCI helped jumpstart the campaign with conversations about creativity in that sector. LCI helped the client dominate social media playing on the client’s differentiators. We helped organize partnerships with relevant industry associations and nonprofits – and helped organize an industry-wide summit hosted by the client. At CES, LCI helped the client showcase new products and new technology. At the same time, LCI proactively pitched to vertical trades, tech and financial media to build brand awareness for new product launches, partnerships and the company’s eventual public debut as part of a SPAC/IPO.


The client’s global media coverage dominated in 2020, with almost 70% of the category’s total mentions.

  • Announcement of a sales partnership yielded 637 media articles, a potential audience of 261 million and over $2.4 million in advertising value equivalency.
  • Analyst relations leading up to the SPAC/IPO helped drive the client to new financial heights and provided its top brand awareness quarter in history.
  • The client’s summit was called the “premier event” in only its third outing, bucking the COVID-19 trend of dismal virtual events.


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