Case Study

Internal Communications Client


An LCI client decided to go public with very short notice. LCI was notified that a financial event affecting the entire employee population would be uncovered by the business media within one business day.


Hitting the ground running, LCI created an internal/external communications plan and outline of activities that needed to be complete and approved within 8 hours. The LCI team worked closely with the company’s C-Suite, the legal team, in-house communications and investor relations to make sure communications were successfully aligned. The team assembled needed data points and created messaging/documentation for employees to be able to understand what was going on – and how it would affect them – before news hit the media.


Within 24 hours, LCI created the following:

  • A comprehensive 24-hour plan for communications internally and externally
  • An internal FAQ
  • Internal letter from the CEO
  • Website content for investors, media and the public at large

When the public announcement hit, the employee population was well-informed and re-assured. The public announcement ran in all the major financial and business media nationally.

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