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Global Alzheimer’s Platform: Creating Content to Promote Brain Health

Creating Content To Promote Brain Health


Global Alzheimer’s Platform (GAP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the time, cost and risk of Alzheimer’s clinical trials. The team wanted to increase awareness about the need for more participation in Alzheimer’s clinical trials. They also wanted to drive enrollments on the free, online platform called the Brain Health Registry (BHR).


For GAP, Landis produced original content designed to engage diverse audiences at multiple touch points. Through a combination of providing authentic, relevant and emotional information, Landis sought to both educate the public about Alzheimer’s clinical trials and also increase membership on the BHR.


The team filmed public service announcements (PSAs) with celebrities who have a connection to the disease, including Paula Abdul and Ron Reagan. The PSAs were distributed in target markets including: Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco and South Florida. Landis also commissioned a Harris Poll survey to highlight the disparity between people who say they are willing to participate in an Alzheimer’s clinical trial and those who actually do. Landis packaged the results in a press release and distributed the release over a national newswire. In addition, Landis utilized an email campaign via the Brain Health Registry newsletter. The team created content so that all of the GAP’s affiliated research sites (such as Harvard, University of California, San Francisco and The Cleveland Clinic) were able to share exclusive content via their e-newsletters and social media channels. Lastly, Landis created targeted landing pages and digital ads which ran on Facebook and Google.


Landis’ healthcare-focused PR campaign added nearly 10,000 new members, increasing membership by 27 percent compared to previous months. Additionally, Landis’ efforts drove 376,000+ users to the BHR website, 105,000 of which were new users. The content Landis created for the campaign provided angles to pitch traditional news media. This helped us land coverage on the front page of USA TODAY, The Huffington Post, People, Extra TV, Good Day LA (KTTV-TV, Los Angeles), Psychology Today and more. The PSAs aired 20,000 times across major US cities and in major American airports nationwide. Landis garnered approximately 160 million media impressions for GAP and the Brain Health Registry. Finally, Landis’ landing pages and digital ads, along with our Google AdWords and SEO marketing expertise, accounted for more than 100,000 website visits throughout the campaign.

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