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Clickworker, a German-based technology start-up with a recently launched U.S. base in San Francisco, approached LCI to create a communications platform, solid messaging and initial public relations strategy with the goal of building visibility for the company in the United States.

As a new technology start-up providing cloud-based workforce solutions, Clickworker U.S. faced a number of challenges. First, with a portfolio comprised primarily of German clients, it did not have name recognition or a track record to present to media, investor and business prospects in the U.S., especially with the San Francisco/Silicon Valley funding community it was hoping to attract. Second, the company operates in the growing, but still relatively unknown crowdsourcing space, with a key U.S. competitor also based in San Francisco.


Given the short start-up amount of time, LCI focused on highlighting several key growth benchmarks for the company to targeted media and investors. These included an initial round of funding and a key client project which illustrated the company’s competency within the crowdsourcing space to a broader audience.

The client project involved Kodak’s George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film (GEH) – a reputable institution with name recognition. The museum wanted to digitize its vast collection of more than 400,000 historic images, making them easily accessible to the public. GEH engaged Clickworker to quickly tag and catalogue the photos, a task which would ultimately save the museum more than a decade of time. To meet the needs of this expansive project, Clickworker leveraged its virtual cloud-based workforce of over 100,000 professionals.


LCI’s overall campaign was a success, landing Clickworker significant editorial coverage with key technology, business and consumer media read by the company’s top business prospects. Visibility garnered for the company included coverage in Yahoo!News, VentureWire, Mashable, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Wall Street Select,, the San Francisco Business Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and mentions in over 2,000 digital business and news outlets within the six month project. As well, for the GEH project, LCI secured a highly visible editorial piece and photo gallery in the Wall Street Journal online, a feature story in the Rochester Business Journal and Popular Photography Magazine (an important trade outlet for project partner, GEH). Most importantly, the coverage resulted in increased queries to Clickworker for participation in new crowdsourcing projects.

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