Case Study



Cibo, a brand agency, grew from the ground-up to be a different experience for clients, employees and client audiences. Rather than the traditional advertising agency model, Cibo integrated digital, branding and experiential marketing into campaigns that were both award-winning and rule-breaking. Cibo turned to LCI to create buzz in San Francisco (their home base), the ad industry and among their international clients to help position the firm as the one that did things differently.

Strategy and Tactics:

LCI put all the foundation materials into place for Cibo and helped launched their buzz campaign during San Francisco Design Week. Using a street-facing interactive art experience outside of their downtown offices as a hub, LCI drove both media and conference attendee traffic, generating media hits and interest within the advertising community.

Cibo’s Subaru campaign in Asia was another center of focus. Building on their successful “unpark your life” campaign, the agency created brand experiences at the point of purchase.  LCI created a campaign to showcase that work to potential clients in the US and beyond, creating client demand.


Media hits for Cibo ran the gamut from ad industry trades (Ad Age, Mediapost) to local media (SF Examiner) and influential digital properties (Brand Journalism Advantage, B2B Growth Podcast, Entrepreneur Podcast Network, The Native Society).

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