Case Study

Center for Neuro Skills: Digital Marketing


  • Create a digital program that generates leads for Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS).
  • Prior to implementing a new digital marketing program, we needed to make the website user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Overall goal? Make operation easy.
  • Streamline organic and paid marketing campaigns.
  • Identify target audiences and create strategies to leverage conversion.


  • Test existing website on demo server to validate files and then continue with the migration process discreetly. Then, optimize the website, hosting server and website.
  • Test CNS website for responsive screens and make necessary adjustments in navigation and user experience design.
  • Devise and implement on-page SEO based on new, highly-targeted keywords which drive relevant results to the website.
  • For PPC, our approach was simple: set goals; monitor outcomes such as user engagement; and streamline all CTAs (click to actions) according to the brand requirements.
  • Any visitors showing interest will be taken to lead capture pages and will be targeted with various search campaigns.


  • Acquire website backup and test to verify file integrity. Create an independent dedicated hosting server for CNS which ensured high traffic and fast load speeds.
  • To overcome SEO issues, we implemented effective SEO strategies & implementation for organic results.
  • For PPC (pay per click), we created traffic funnels, landing pages, campaign goals and accredited/qualified conversions.



  • UI (User Interace)/UX (User experience): We made a few changes to improve the user experience on the website and made sure that the pages are also properly responsive for mobile view.
  • Optimization: We optimized the website to its fullest to achieve fast load speeds.
  • Errors: We fixed many errors on the website to improve page load speeds and reduce server loads.


  • We have successfully achieved our goals for SEO of reaching the first page of SERPs for targeted keywords.
  • Currently, our keywords are highly competitive and rank us in the top five of Google search results.


  • The response to our Ads has been tremendous. We have achieved an average conversion rate of more than 8%.

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