Case Study

Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit Cosmetics is a beloved US based brand founded by twin sisters/models. In a classic “passing of the torch,” the spokespersons for the line were now the daughters of one of the founders. Exploring new and innovative ways to sell their products, the daughters turned to LCI to prepare for their debut on Home Shopping Network.


Standard media training wasn’t going to be enough for Benefit. The participants had to put makeup on models, chat brightly with the host, and watch camera angles – all at the same time. LCI’s training strategy was to practice their segments while throwing a few surprises around at the same time. This allowed for the spokeswomen to showcase their personalities while challenging them on their on-air techniques.


After a technique training session, each spokesperson took multiple turns presenting their products to the camera using live models and an LCI staffer took the host role. Almost in the same way as an improv routine comes together, the LCI host and camera person never asked the same question or delivered the same cues twice. The spokespersons were forced to think on their feet and interact with the host and camera with no breaks. The LCI camera person also threw a few challenges their way by dropping things (distraction) and speaking into their headset repeatedly.


Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson are probably the most unflappable guests on any home shopping broadcast. Since their first outing on HSN after the LCI training, they have gone on to become the primary Benefit spokespersons and have turned into major TV personalities. Benefit continues to be a powerhouse HSN brand.

“THANK YOU! The presentation went so well, my CEO and General Manager kept the congratulations going. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Annie Nguyen

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