Case Study

BAM Labs


BAM Labs is innovating data-driven healthcare with touch-free technology. Their advanced sensor and cloud monitoring platform transforms any bed into a smart bed to inform, manage and improve health.

The organization wanted to become a known voice in the discussion about the intersection of health and big data, the role that health data plays in proactive health management, why non-wearable technology (smart bed) will win, and address the Internet of Things (IoT) trend.

Our strategy was to help the company define new B2B messaging and build awareness of BAM Labs across a wider audience with editorial, media relations, social media and speaking programs.  We developed content, created news, and engaged online to build awareness


We focused on the medical use of BAM technologies and educated market through social media, content creation and promotion, and awards.

To drive awareness of BAM Labs’ ‘touch-free’ technology, we first needed to review the company’s positioning and messaging.  The team designed talking points to address the needs of different audiences: the caregiver, the long-term care facility, and the channel.

We developed content for social media launched advertising campaigns across the different social channels, and crafted a white paper on Data-Driven healthcare. PR secured a quote from the Mayor of San Jose about the company relocating headquarters to downtown San Jose, and the news articles secured instilled a sense of excitement and pride amongst employees.


PR campaigns and social media initiatives upped attention across social channels by an average of 1276%, and helped build the perception that the company is an innovator that is going places. Feature coverage was secured in The US Daily, San Jose Business Journal, and

As a result of the communications programs, BAM Labs increased its profile and was acquired by Select Comfort, the makers of Sleep Number beds.

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