Case Study

AIDS Lifeline

Media Coverage

New York Times: In San Francisco, TV Battles on the Front Lines Against AIDS


The goal of this healthcare pr campaign was, at the very start of the AIDS hysteria, to dispel myths about AIDS transmission and educate people nationwide about how to protect themselves.


  • Strategically, this campaign partnered with hundreds of community-based organizations – and medical specialists – already working to solve the AIDS crisis
  • The campaign also worked to garner sponsorship partners nationwide, as well as media partners in each local community
  • The campaign included a syndicated series of television programs and news series that aired on local stations nationwide, as well as a syndicated series of public service announcements featuring nationally-known celebrities (including Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Smits and more)
  • The recurring message was to educate people as to how you can – and cannot – transmit AIDS
  • The campaign positioned AIDS Lifeline representatives as expert resources to the media

Target Media

  • Local TV in media markets across the country
  • National print
  • Local print
  • Local Radio
  • Public Affairs/News


  • AIDS Lifeline was the country’s very first AIDS nationally-syndicated television campaign, airing in more than 55 markets nationwide
  • AIDS Lifeline won a National Emmy Award for Community Service
  • Resulting media coverage exceeded all expectations, including: New York Times, CNN, local TV/radio nationwide, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner and Bay Area radio.

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