LCI's Jumpstart Program©

Small and new businesses have historically been stymied by their market need to reach out to media, while budget concerns have kept them from traditional agency relationships. It is just this conundrum that prompted LCI to create its JumpStart© program.

JumpStart© recognizes the needs for consumer and business-to-business communications, providing the same rock solid foundation materials and media campaign kick off, while keeping costs at a minimum. JumpStart© traditionally spans six months time, and creates the basis upon which a full-fledged outreach campaign can be launched – whether that’s with LCI, another agency, or even in-house personnel.

For further information on scope of services and pricing for LCI’s JumpStart program©, please contact LCI’s Brianne Miller, Sean Dowdall, or David Landis at 415.561.0888, ext. 2300 or via email at: [email protected][email protected] or [email protected].

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