LCI’s Magnetic Messages©

Everyone has a “Why.”

Author and marketing consultant Simon Sinek coined the term “The Golden Circle” to address why your organization exists.

In his words, your “Why” is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do. When you think, act and communicate starting with “Why,” you can inspire others.

LCI’s Magnetic Messages© harnesses the power of “Why” to help your business tell its story more effectively – and to provide consistency in the delivery of those messages.

We help your business create a solid and compelling message architecture, including: relevant key messages, positioning, a strategic competitive analysis. . .and much more.

Key to every successful campaign are potent messages which resonate successfully with each constituent audience. At the beginning of our relationship, LCI works individually with clients to research the competitive landscape and compile a competitive analysis with positioning recommendations. From there, LCI – together with the client – tailors an appropriate positioning foundation with corresponding messages. LCI’s proprietary messaging and positioning process, Magnetic Messages©, helps clients distill those ideas to the organization’s most succinct and effective essence.

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