Prioritizing Business Development

Is business development the last thing on your to-do list?  LCI can help you move it to its proper place at the front of the line with our proprietary Business Booster program.  More than a tutorial on what you “should” do, our system has tried and true components that incorporate into your daily business life.  This disciplined process helps to:

  • Decide who you’re selling to and why
  • Determine whether a potential client is a “good fit”
  • Create tools to keep leads from getting lost
  • Easily define a hot vs. cold lead – and turn cold leads to warm
  • Provide easy tools for tracking and input by interdisciplinary team
  • Encourage staffers to get involved with business development – and therefore be more invested in the process
  • Efficiently decline queries while adhering to best practices
  • Design a referral program so that even those leads who aren’t right generate income

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