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Building a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Donna Berry, LCI’s new Director, here.

There’s been a volcanic eruption of discussions amongst marketing and communications professionals on the topic of Twitter….who’s responsible within a corporate structure for Twitter? What’s the value of maintaining a Twitter presence? Does tweeting make a difference in your business or for your brand, and how?

My question is, how can any business afford to not be on Twitter? For many businesses, here’s what happens. The business sets up an account, sends out a few tweets, secures a few followers, and then things get busy and the whole thing gets back burnered before it even takes off.

If you are guilty of this, you’re not alone. 73 percent of Twitter accounts are “inactive” (10 tweets or less) and 34 percent of Twitter users have never even posted one tweet.

While I see many stories and posts on helpful hints on tweeting and Twitter tools, I see less help on building out an actual Twitter marketing strategy that lays it out in simple steps. Last week I came across this clear-cut, do-it-yourself guide that reads “Twitter 101” for businesses by Lee Odden of TopRank Blog:

One more thought. It’s helpful to think of Twitter, and social media in general, as simply another channel of communication for your brand, versus a whole new way of doing things as it’s so often portrayed. The content doesn’t have to be different, just the presentation (and with a little practice, it becomes second nature). At the same time, Twitter is a channel that deserves special attention because it’s two-way. You can see first-hand what your customers really think about your brand, because they will tell you. And even better, they will tell you for free.

So, get going on Twitter. You can’t afford not to.

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