Top AI Tools for PR and Marketing Pros

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Are you feeling excited and terrified by the impact of AI? You’re not alone. With AI rapidly changing the world and the way we work, it’s essential to understand how we can use it to enhance our lives and careers. Generative AI tools can help with tasks such as brainstorming, copywriting, research, planning, and automating routine and time-consuming projects. This frees up time for more strategic and creative endeavors, client engagement, and relationship development. 

While new AI resources for PR and marketing professionals are constantly being developed, we’ve compiled a list of those that have caught our attention for their usefulness, creativity, ingenuity, or expertise. But of course, this is only the beginning – countless other resources are out there waiting to be explored. 


In November of 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT, now the most well-known generative AI tool. Its much more advanced and powerful successor, ChatGPT-4, debuted in March 2023. Thousands of apps, tools, and websites have utilized ChatGPT’s technology for specific use cases and industries. One of the latest innovations, AutoGPT, was released in April 2023 as an autonomous AI agent that generates its own prompts to complete tasks. Built on top of the GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 language models, AutoGPT can access websites and search engines to gather data and verify its accuracy. Unlike ChatGPT, which focuses on conversational AI, AutoGPT is designed to complete tasks without user input. Although its current iteration requires some technical expertise, given the rapid pace of innovation, it won’t be long before a user-friendly version of AutoGPT becomes available on the market. 

Prompt Engineering 

To maximize your results with ChatGPT, it’s essential to craft an effective prompt, which is the information you provide when making your initial request. While Auto-GPT may soon auto-generate prompts, it’s still helpful to know how to phrase your writing assignment or research project for the best outcome. Fortunately, numerous resources are available to help you write an excellent prompt. 

Hubspot offers a list of 190 ChatGPT prompts for marketers that provide great prompts and lead to valuable content, such as an educational video on AI and machine learning versus deep learning, and a review of affordable AI marketing copywriting tools. 

If you use Google Chrome, AIPRM for Chat GPT is a convenient extension that integrates with ChatGPT and provides curated prompt templates for a range of industries, such as sales, marketing, SEO, and SaaS. 

Prompts Daily is an excellent resource for leveraging AI prompts for almost any use case. 

Media Relations 

AI tools can also be utilized in media relations. For instance, Muck Rack’s new feature,, powered by ChatGPT and Muck Rack’s media database, generates a press release within 15-30 seconds based on writing prompts. Once you have the draft release, suggests relevant journalists pitch based on your news. Similarly, PRophet scans press materials, such as a press release or pitch, for keywords that match the recent coverage of active reporters and ranks the match based on sentiment and outlet reach. Its AI writing assistant, “Taylor”, can also write a press release, pitch or social post for you. 


For those who must create a lot of content quickly, Ryter is an affordable AI writing assistant that helps you write emails, blogs, social posts and more. The goal of Ryter is to provide an all-in-one writing assistant that you can use for your entire workflow rather than relying on multiple apps. 

Jasper is an impressive content platform that uses AI to create marketing content tailored to your brand, including headlines, articles, emails, images, headlines, and much more. It claims to be the category leader for generative AI for business. 

Creating Art with Midjourney 

If you’re tired of searching for free stock images to use in your content, you might consider using Midjourney, a powerful AI tool for creating images hosted on Discord. However, using Midjourney can be challenging and requires a certain level of skill. To generate the perfect image, it’s helpful to input specific prompts such as the camera type, an artist’s style, a clothing designer, lighting specifics, and more. If you need assistance with Midjourney, check out the Midjourney AI Guide by Barsee. 

Additional ChatGPT and AI Resources 

Conor Grennan, NYU School of Business’ Dean of Students, frequently shares helpful and surprising ways to use ChatGPT on LinkedIn. He aptly compared neglecting to learn ChatGPT to refusing to use a truck because you’d rather carry bricks across town.  

AI Marketing School keeps track of the constant release of new AI marketing tools. 

Barsee, an “AI Guy” and founder of AI Valley, has created a comprehensive guide to ChatGPT and AI, while Zain Kahn, another “AI Guy,” offers SuperHuman, a quick-read newsletter with the latest AI tools, tips, and tricks to improve productivity. 

And, for all the cat lovers out there, behold CatGPT, a tool made just for you. You’re welcome!