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Sy Kamal

Sy Kamal

Digital Marketing, Video and Graphic Design

With over three decades of experience in digital marketing, Sy Kamal is an accomplished professional with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of marketing. He possesses a wide range of skills, from strategic planning to execution and consulting, and has a keen ability to anticipate future trends while staying current with past industry developments. He is the founder and CEO of SyCo Media, a digital marketing agency that serves clients around the world, with the majority of its clientele based in the US. The agency specializes in strategy, print advertising, digital/direct marketing, branding, social media, TV/Radio, and other niche areas. SyCo Media is proud to be one of Landis’ global partners.

Sy’s executive marketing roles with blue-chip enterprises such as Citi, BNP Paribas, Chase, and Wells Fargo have been recognized with numerous awards for his outstanding performance as a marketing specialist. His results-driven methodology and team management skills have been critical to his success. Sy earned a Marketing degree from Winona State University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Direct Marketing from UC Berkeley.”

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