Environmental Public Relations

What is Environmental Public Relations?

Landis Communications Inc.(LCI) is a full-service public relations & marketing communications agency that specializes in environmental public relations. The practice of environmental PR focuses on issues covering a breadth of topics: from climate change and land use policy: to pollution, natural resource management (and abuses), community impact, sustainability, and even public health. The organizations that need environmental PR specialists range from nonprofit land trusts and advocacy organizations to major corporations, grant-making foundations and regional, state and national governmental agencies. Our environmental PR professionals also counsel corporations with respect to ESG (environmental, social and governance) monitoring, reporting and planning.

An Experienced Environmental Public Relations Team

Located in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, our talented team of specialists will be hand-picked to fit the specific needs of your business. Each member will have relevant experience and proven success within your field. Each team is composed of 4-6 members with senior, mid, and support level team members to ensure you have a well-built-out campaign team.

LCI is available to counsel corporations with respect to ESG monitoring, reporting and planning.

Let's Chat About Environmental PR

Contact us or LCI’s Ms. Brianne Murphy Miller directly at: [email protected] or 650.575.7727.

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